Gingival Problems

Gingival problems can be divided in two groups: loss or gum excess.

Gingival (gum) recession happens when the gingiva gets shorter and teeth appear longer showing the dental roots. In many cases gum recession can make your smile look older, cause tooth sensitivity and pain. If left untreated it can progress to further gum recession, bone loss and even tooth loss.

Gingival overgrowth and gingival smile are problems where there is gum excess. Gingival or gummy smile is an esthetic problem where you are showing too much gum while you smile. Gingival overgrowth is an abnormal growth of gingival around your teeth.

These problems can be solved by means of gingival plastic surgery, however the maintenance of a good level of oral hygiene is paramount for long term success.

Grafts to cover visible roots

– Gingival grafts

– To cover areas where the gum was lost

– Improves esthetic and reduces cold sensitivity

Clinical Work – Jorge André Cardoso

Case 1 - Before and After
Case 2- Before and After
Case 3 - Before and After
Case 4 - Before and After
Case 5 - Before and After
Case 6 - Before and After
Case 7 - Before and After
Case 8 - Before and After
Excess of visible gum during smile

– Study and simulation

– Surgical removal  of the gum excess according to a safety marginal level.

Clinical Work – Jorge André Cardoso


Initial - excess of visible gum during smile
Initial - excess of gum covering teeth
Study and simulation
After gingival removal surgery
Before and After
Dark gum on top of old crowns

– Gum grafts to improve the discolored appearance.

– New crowns

Clinical work – Jorge André Cardoso

Laboratory work – Alex Fisher & Liliana Simões

Old crowns
Dark margin and gingival recession
Crowns removal
Provisional crowns
Graft to enhance gingival thickness and prevent future recessions
Gingival thickness before and after the graft
New ceramic crowns
Crowns cementation
Final view
Stability after 7 years
Grafts in old implants

– Gum grafts in implants area to improve the discolored appearance.

– Whitening/ Bleaching

– New crowns and veneers

Clinical Work – Jorge André Cardoso

– Laboratory work – Paulo Pacheco

Initial situation with unnatural restorations
Fractured veneers and gingival discoloration in the implant areas
Grafts to enhance gingival thickness in implants areas
Final situation with grafts, new crowns and new ceramic veneers
Before and After
Final smile
Final smile
Before and After

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