Clear communication

The most important part of our work is to listen to your concerns and communicate in a accurate way.

Information about success, risk and maintenance of each treatment is important to make the right choices.

This way patients can evaluate without pressure. Their decisions are always respected.

Dedicated to Dental Implants, Esthetics and Advanced Oral Rehabilitation

More than ever, it is necessary an experienced and careful planning to esthetic oral rehabilitation with implants.

Dental Esthetic is not only resumed to the application of geometric models to teeth shape. In order to achieve a safe and natural result, it is necessary time to evaluate a myriad of aspects – patient’s health, bone conditions, teeth and gums, as well as the dynamic of the face, smile and lips. It is equally important trying to understand the personality, desires and goals of every patient.

On the other hand, teeth have a primary fuction of nutrition. Teeth are part of an organism that must be in balance. Besides esthetics, it is essential confort and resistence.

Using the latest technologies

In our practice we use:

  • Cone Beam Computer Tomography – to study the tridimensional shape of the jaw bone, crucial for dental implant placement and other dental treatments
  • Intraoral scanner – to perform digital impressions, increasing accuracy and treatment planning time.
  • Loupes and Dental Microscope – loupes and microscopes allow a better visualisation and attention to detail, especially important in endodontic treatments and tooth preparations.
  • Mandibular cinematic devices (Modjaw(R)) to study mandibular movements and occlusion


 Decisions with Experience and Scientific Evidence

Dentistry, like every medical field, should always be supported by the latest scientific evidence.
This implies the use of scientifically aknowledged recent techniques and suit them to each particular situation.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

In every medical field, there is an increasing interest in minimally invasive procedures that preserv the structures and tissues, reducing colateral damages and adverse effects.
In Dentistry, this is particularly important and, whenever possible, dental treatments should preserve oral structures like teeth, bone and gums. This way, there is an increased probability of maintaining the health of these structures for a longer period.

Interdisciplinar Team

In current Dentistry, the new trend is towards the collaboration of various dental specialties to solve oral problems as a whole. Several specialists study the clinical cases and apply, in an organized way, the sequence of suitable treatments in order to achieve a predictable outcome.

All dental team is commited to an ethic and professional attitude dedicated to patients best interests.

Focus on Prevention

The best way to fight a disease is to prevent it. Thus, it is important to assess every person’s risk and develop an individual prevention plan. Preventive measures allow to avoid problems as well as the maintenance of performed tretaments. Dietetic advices, the implementation of correct oral hygiene techniques and the promotion of healthy lifesyles are a fundamental part of our appointments..

Safety, Hygiene and Privacy

At the clinic all the hygiene and safety rules are strictly fulfilled. We work with certified Dental Prosthesis Laboratories that share the same action concepts. Your privacy and professional confidentiality will be assured by every team member.


ORA - Estética Dentária e Reabilitação Oral


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ORA – Esthetic Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation

Street 23, nº 344, 3º andar, sala C,
4500-142 Espinho, Portugal

Telf.  (+351) 227 310 100 | (+351) 919 233 470

Monday to Friday - 9-13h, 14-19h | Saturday 9-13h

Train Station and Beach Area 5 min walking distance
Surface and Underground Parking areas

From PORTO - 30 min by train.  From LISBON - 2h30 min by train.

PORTO AIRPORT -  30 min by car / 1h SUBWAY/TRAIN.

License ERS - Entidade reguladora da Saúde - 1054/2011

Registration ERS - Entidade Reguladora da Saúde - E 104114

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