Jorge André Cardoso, Rui Negrão and Paulo Júlio Almeida colaborate since 2010 teaching courses to dentists. Their philosophy is based in clear, logic and simplified explanations of the latest concepts in scientific literature:


  • Focus on the biologic, functional and esthetics aspects, from simple to complex rehabilitations in a minimally invasive apporach.
  • Treatment Planning and the relationship between the different specialities in dentistry to solve complex clinical cases.
  • Focused interactive and dynamic lectures. Demonstration of the procedures and clinical practice in patients whenever possible.
  • Encouragment of well founded, critic and creative reasoning instead of the  simple information aquisition or the following of “trends”.
  • Promotion of communication techniques, organization and emotional tools, aiming the students’ personal and professional satisfation.
  • Customization attention according to every student or group needs
  • Provision of slides, summaries, bibliography and other study support materials in digital format, regularly updated and improved.

Full days International courses (in english language)

Several short participations in workshops, conferences are available on request (in english language)

  • Simplifying the Integration of Esthetics and Function in Extensive Rehabilitations
  • Crown lengthening – a step by step integrated diagnosis and treatment
  • Full arch implant prosthetics – essential factors for predictable esthetics and function
  • Choosing anterior ceramics made easy – the concept of restorative volume
  • Onlays and overlays – principles, materials, preparations and bonding protocols
  • Veneers – principles, materials, preparations and bonding protocols
  • Perio-restorative interface – integrating restorative esthetics and biology for natural results

Modular courses in Portugal (portuguese language)

SORRISO NATURAL Education Center

Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics

Paulo Julio Almeida | Rui Negrão | Jorge André Cardoso

6 modules – 13 days total