Dental implants

Replace missing teeth – from one single tooth to all mouth rehabilitation.

Support fixed teeth or help to stabilize removable prosthesis.

In many cases it is possible to extract all the missing teeth, place implants and fixed teeth, all in the same day.

High success rate since well diagnosed, planned and executed.

Implant in anterior tooth

– Teeth and root fractures due to accident

– Implants and ceramic crowns placement

– Clinical Work – Jorge André Cardoso e Paulo Júlio Almeida

Laboratory Work – Alex Fisher e Liliana Simões

Accident with teeth fracture
Restorations made in a hospital, right after the accident
Radiography displaying root fractures
Implant placement and dental preparations for crowns in the teeth fractured by the accident
Implant and ceramic crowns
Final result
Final result
Radiographs before and after tretament
Implant in posterior tooth

– Tooth extraction, implant placement and provisional adhesive bridge simultaneously.

– Graft to enhance gingival thickness.

– Ceramic crown in zirconia screw retained to implant.

– Clinical work – Jorge André Cardoso

Laboratory work – Oleg Blashkiv

Initial view of heavily destroyed tooth
Initial radiography and after implant placement with provisional adhesive bridge
Adhesive provisional bridge
Graft to enhance gingival volume
Final view of screw retained to implant crown
Implants to replace all teeth in the same day

– Removable prosthesis, unstable and little natural appearance.

– Implants in upper and lower jaws with “fixed teeth” (bridge) placement in the same day.

– Placement of fixed definitive bridges after 6 months.

– Clinical Work – Pedro Rodrigues and Jorge André Cardoso

Laboratory work – João Paulo (ITD Laboratory)

Smile Before and After Rehabilitation with Implants
Smile Before and After Rehabilitation with Implants
Smile Before and After Rehabilitation with Implants
Radiography Before and After
Orthodontics, Implant, Graft and Veneers

– Dark and heavily restored teeth

– One tooth is lost due to internal resorption

– Orthodontic treatment for extrusion and atraumatic tooh extraction to prevent bone loss

– Implant, gingival graft and 4 veneers

– Clinical Work –  Jorge André Cardoso and Rui Negrão

Laboratory Work – Oleg Blashkiv

Bridge over Implants

– Loss of ceramic bridge due to severely damaged pilar teeth (only roots)

– Guided surgery for placement of 3 implants

– Placement of definitive bridge six months after surgery

– Clinical Work – Jorge André Cardoso

Laboratory Work – Oleg Blashkiv

Initial State
Guided Surgery for implant placement
Placement of 3 implants
Bridge over implants
Final Result
Final Result
Final Result

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