Whitening – Bleaching

Safe procedure for teeth

It can be bleached all teeth or just one discolored tooth

Whitening/bleaching is often used as a co-tretament with restorations and ceramic veneers

Bleaching of all teeth

– Scaling and polishing to remove stains

– Bleaching with bleaching agent

Clinical Work – Teresa Taveira

Dark and stained teeth
Initial color
Final color
After teeth whitening
Internal bleaching of a tooth

– Internal bleaching of the discolored tooth

– External bleaching of all teeth

– Replacement of the old restoration by a natural appearance restoration

Clinical Work – Rui Negrão

Discolored root canal treated tooth
Internal bleaching
Teeth whitening and new restoration
Bleaching and ceramic veneers

– planning and esthetic simulation

– internal bleaching of root canal treated teeth

– external bleaching of all teeth

– minimal teeth structure reduction

– adhesion of ceramic veneers in 3 anterior teeth

Initial Smile
Discolored tooth
Ceramic veneers
After teeth whitening and veneers
Final smile
Before and After
Internal bleaching of teeth

– Internal bleaching of  2 root canal treated teeth

Clinical Work – Jorge André Cardoso

Discoloured lower central incisors
Result after internal bleaching
Before and After

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